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- Premium Mango from Sun and Dew in the nature of Chiang Mai -



Mr. Kaneko had traveled from Japan, coming to the Northern part of Doi Inthanon which is the highest mountain in Thailand. It is located in Chiang Mai Province. He started working on his mango orchard since Spring of 1990.


From then until now, over 30 years, wells have been dug over 1,000 meters deep to pump groundwater, which flowing from the distant Doi Inthanon and kept for a long time at the area of surrounding mountains. He has also been collecting various mango varieties from both foreign countries and Thailand; in order to continuously develop mango varieties that are barely available in Thailand.


Many people experimented relentlessly through lots of trial and error to grow high-quality fruit in Thailand. The orchard has gone through some difficulties such as drought, constant pruning and engrafting in order to get large-sized produce and healthy mango trees.


“Taiyo no Shizuku” brand has five different varieties of mangoes. They all have nice smell along with unforgettable sweetness which cannot be found anywhere else in Thailand.


“Taiyo no Shizuku” growing from the natural water and dazzling sunlight of Chiang Mai. It is a special variety of mango that only grow at Kaneko Orchard along with the helping hand of friends from Chiang Mai. It is a wonderful blessing that is limited in quantity as only one season per one year. If you get a chance to come across it, we recommend tasting it at least once.



Chiang Mai’s new jewel, a species that cropped up by coincidence in Kaneko Orchard in June 2018. Miyabi mango is deep violet blue. When it is ripened, it turns violet red. It has an exquisite fragrance that cannot be found in any other mango variety. The fruit is fleshy with sweet and sour flavor. You will never forget its flavor once you get to taste it. Many people were quite fascinated by it. It is a rare species that is not easy to find anywhere even in Japan and Thailand. It has been cultivated to be an ambassador of “Taiyo no Shizuku.”


Takara was developed through crossing varieties by several grafting over 30 years. It is known as the jewel of Kaneko Orchard. Its size is similar to or larger than that of Megumi mango. Its skin shows violet-red color while its flesh holding amazing sweetness comparing to Tsuya mango. Many Japanese people who live in Thailand love this fruit when it is fully ripe. One mango tree can only produce 10 mangoes.


This oval-shaped fruit, Shizuku, is similar to Barracuda Mango varieties (Nam Dok Mai mango), which is the most popular in Thailand; originated from Irvine cultivar (Apple Mango) making it red color, also weighing up to 2 kilograms. This mango has its sweet and sour flavor with wonderful aroma.


This oval-shaped mango is characterized by its brilliant red color, well pruned in order to provide sufficient nutrition to support the fruit; like Megumi, one mango can weigh over 1 kg. Mango’s uniqueness is its aroma. You can sense its nice smell even its skin not peeled. When fully ripened, it will be especially sweet and have a deep red color. It is very much loved by Thai people who are fond of sweet mango.


Megumi mango was originated from Irwin cultivar (Apple Mango) that can be found the most in Japan; it as well matched with some varieties of Thai mango. It is a large apple-shaped mango. One mango can weigh over 2 kg, sweetness level at 18; also has a unique refreshing sour taste.





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